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Refund Policy

At Hammer Of Thor, we do believe and understand that all the men can have unique physical and health situation. That is why you would also respond to our Mens Powerment medicine in a different manner. With our services, we try to provide complete satisfaction to our customer with properly tested and proven results as well.

That means if you are unhappy with our Mens Powerment medicine or its result within 30 days, then you can simply return all the unused boxes to us and we will give your money back to you. Here, you need to keep this thing in your mind that we will be able to give you a refund only if product is in its original packaging and it should not have any damage in it. The amount that you would get back from us will be depending on the amount of returned boxes. Other than this, we will have to deduct the shipping charges as well and we will deduct a 10% processing and replacing charges as well. Also, we would be able to refund the money only once per user. If you are reordering our Mens Powerment product, then we would believe you are happy with the product’s results and you do not need any replacement for same.

To have the refund of your money for Hammer Of Thor you can get in touch with us by phone. When you would make a call to us then you will get a reference number from us and you will have to mention that reference number on the box that you are sending back to us. When you return the same to us, then make sure you pack the material in a secure box and you shall ship it to us within 48 hours after making a call to us.

While returning the parcel, you need to use a courier service which his secure and it should offer tracking number of the package. We will provide the refund to you only when we get the boxes in

unopened condition. Also, as we said we will deduct 10% extra amount for return charges as well.

For any kind of clarification, you can get in touch with us on or you can write an email to us.

Please understand Hammer Of Thor is one of the best Mens Powerment medicine which is made of only natural substances. As far as cost par is considered we try to provide our products to you in highly competitive pricing without any loss of quality. But your metabolism, heredity, genetics situation, and various other factors also effects on the result part. That is why we strongly recommend you to carefully read our disclaimer and terms and condition page before you place an order for our Mens Powerment medicine.

And when you give an order of Hammer Of Thor, then you give an agreement to us about all the terms and conditions as well. That means you shall not be able to have any complaints about our refund policy, terms or conditions and our privacy policy as well.

This product is a Ayurvedic Capsule and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
We do not offer any kind of Cash rewards, Gift items or Financial Benefits to our Customers. Please be aware of such kind of offers from frauds.